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Interesting Student Activities

Student Association Activities, welcome to join!

M-Plex Dance Club

Established: 2004

Supervisor: Youth League Committee

Introduction: In order to meet the needs of students’ interests and to create a platform for the dance lovers, M-Plex Dance Club provides periodic dance training. In addition, M-Plex Dance Club is also inclined to take part in various activities held in the campus and it has successfully composed and performed many new dances. Up on the stage, students are allowed to show their diversified personality and wonderful steps which are highly praised by other students.


CUEB Red Cross Society

Established: 1986

Supervisor: CUEB hospital

Introduction: As the grass-roots organization of the Red Cross Society of China and a registered student association, CUEB Red Cross Society is a social relief and society aid group that engages in humanitarian work. It aims at encouraging humanism, pushing forward quality education, protecting human’s life and promoting the spiritual civilization. This association periodically holds sign language lectures, flower arts lectures and peer education activities, etc. In every semester, students are organized to participate in blood donation without compensation. In the meantime, the Red Cross Society also attaches much importance to some hot public activities, such as “curbing the spread of AIDS, fulfilling the commitment” and caring children with autism.


Magic Club

Established: 2009

Supervisor: Youth League Committee

Introduction:Just like its slogan, building up appreciation sense, developing innovative mind, cultivating observation ability and improving creative desire, the magic club will tell the members how a simple magic is performed and teach some basic magic to encourage them to use their creative mind without clinging to the fixed magic form. The club wishes that their members could learn something and brought happiness to others. They believe that on one hand, they can plant magic into every student’s heart and make students magic lovers, promoters and performers, on the other hand, they can bring the magic, a kind of art filled with innovative spirit, to most of the students’ lives so as to make them know more about it.


Modern Music Association

Established :2007

Supervisor: Youth League Committee

Introduction: Supervised by youth league committee, the modern music association is a social association spontaneously organized by those students who are partial to music, instruments and communication. Based on the three principles of development, communication and innovation,and the two concepts of passion and love, the modern music association has fervently provided a large number of opportunities for the students to show their talents and to communicate with each other.

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